Dariya Dil Dukaan - The Concept

The concept of Dariya Dil Dukaan is not a new one. What started off as an urban tradition in New York, has now caught on as an experiment across India. But what is the concept all about?

It's simple. It's based on the concept of freecycling - where people are encouraged to recycle goods by handing them over to others for free. In return, they pick up something from a common pool of such 'freecycled' goods - for free again.

In the past few years, Dariya Dil Dukaans have been conducted across cities in India. People who take part in the events, bring along goods that are in good condition and usable. These items are pooled together, and anyone from the community can come and pick anything that they like. However, most participants usually leave something behind which they no longer need, but which can be used by someone who needs it.

DariyaDilDukaan.com is just an attempt to take this beautiful concept online, and help members of communities connect with each other through gifts. So far, we've helped hundreds of members connect with each other through the online portal. And hopefully, the number will rise in the days and months to come.

Because there is no better way to say hello, than with a gift and a smile!